“You’re going to play at one of the Scorpions Shows with Athens State Orchestra!”

Back in 90’s a little child, takes a break from his homework, walks in his house living room, takes a double record, opens it and stands impressed in front of the middle photo for a couple of minutes. Then, he puts the first vinyl on the turntable, grabs a Jules Verne’s book and a beautiful trip of images and music begins.

The album has the title “World Wide Live” and many times he caught himself staying impressed in front of this photo of thousands of people watching one of the greatest rock bands ever, the Scorpions. Many times, he was wondering, how is the feeling to play in front of such a huge audience, how is to be in a rock band, to be a musician at first place?

Almost 28 years later, that child, being a 36 years old man now, received a phone call from his manager at Berlin: “My dear Theodore, you’re going to play at Scorpions show with Athens State Orchestra. The show will take place at Kallimarmaro Stadium – one of the most beautiful stadiums of the world – in Athens, Greece. You have one month to get ready!”

One month later, 55.000 was attended, the show was a big success, the place astonishing and definitely this night will be unforgettable for many of us. That night I had the chance to be on the same stage with Rudolf Schenker, playing “Rock you like a Hurricane”, one of the best rock compositions. It was amazing!

This isn’t the first time I was on the same stage with Rudolf Schenker, actually the first one was a virtual one, but, I’ll keep that story for another post!

To play at a Scorpions show and on top of that, to be on the same stage with Rudolf Schenker, is a dream of mine that came true, before even added it in my bucket list. That was 4 month later from the jam I had with Steve Vai and in this case too, this made me think that maybe there are two kind of dreams. One that you can make plans and work on a direction to fulfil them and the crazy ones, where you don’t have any clue what to do in order to achieve them (maybe that’s why they are crazy!). I like to work hard being dedicated on the road to achieve my long term goals/dreams enjoying every little step of the procedure and my everyday life. Regarding my crazy dreams, I can say that thank God, many of them have been already fulfilled and the rest of them maybe I reach them on the road. If not, I know I’ll have enjoyed the trip!

Two months from that event, one more dream would come true. This time our brothers trio band, my main long term project, TKG would present our upcoming release at one of the most beautiful theatres of the world. The Herodes Atticus Odeon. I’ll make a future post for that too.

But for now, we need your help for one of our dreams! To play to as many places as possible! Maybe the next one is at your city! Help us to plan our tour by tracking us on Bands in Town! Hit the “Track” button below and don’t miss any of our upcoming event when we’ll come to your city!

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Below you can see me couldn’t keep my head from going up and down!

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