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Winter 1992, Santorini, Greece.

Every Saturday morning, five young boys get together, go to the local CD store and buy some albums from their favourite bands. Then, they visit a small cafe nearby with a big blue window viewing to the infinitive blue of the Aegean sea and the imposing volcano. It’s still early and they are the first clients. The owner, who knows them since they were kids, puts one of their new CDs to the cd player.  They order hot chocolates and the fun begins, listening to music, sharing stories and having a great time together.

But one day,  Mp3 was born. And even its quality is poor, people started to share music like crazy. 

The local CD store closed, the small cafe now plays playlists from a laptop and their Saturdays would never be the same again.

Now they sit around the tables with their eyes turn to screens instead to each other. They chat, instead of speaking and real communication has lost. 

This story may it’s not real, but it could really be. Maybe we have been members of similar fellowships some time. Maybe we still are.. It is said that knife can be used to hurt someone, but can be used to cut your bread too. It’s not the tool, it’s how we use it. It is not the mp3 or the internet, these are great tools, it’s how we use them. 

I used to get together with friends, enjoying to go to a local CD store and buying CDs. I was really enjoying the time I was spending with my friends speaking about our favourite bands, scheduling to buy tickets and attending to a show or just figuring out how to play our favourite songs on the guitar. Real communication is a great thing indeed and is the antidote to loneliness. Because, we can be with thousand of people, but we can still feel lonely. 

So, we, TKG, have decided to create a facebook group for our community. For now, is a closed group and with a limited number of TKG Premium FanClub members, but we’re going to expand it. This could be a digital version of this story’s cafe. We love to communicate with our fans, but we also love when our fans communicate together. Internet is an amazing tool for that, we don’t have to be at the same place to get together. Let’s use it until we meet again at the live clubs!

If you are member of TKG Premium Fan Club, join our community now!

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