[Article] Leading the Road to Success with Talent and Hard Work by Adriana Rubio

We’re happy to share a really beautiful article by Adriana Rubio, covering all our latest important news! From Jamming with Steve Vai and opening for Scorpions to our upcoming release “Mozart in Color” and our performance to Herodes Atticus Odeon!

Adriana commented: “In January of 2015 Guitar Virtuoso Theodore Kalantzakos from TKG was Guitarist of the month on my Blog! And three years later he delights us all with a number of outstanding concerts as he and the band continue to grow at full speed. Find out! Read!”

Here is the full article: https://writeradrianarubio.blogspot.com/2018/08/theodore-kalantzakos.html

PS: Please, bookmark her blog, you can really find great posts there!


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