“You’re gonna Jam with Steve Vai!”

March 20th, 2018, Athens, Greece.

I’m sitting at the last row of the Athina live stage, inside the Art Music School Fakanas. In front of me, an audience full of guitarists has filled the place. At the other side of the room, the super guitar hero Steve Vai has finished his masterclass and is standing on the stage, ready to jam.

I stand up, grab my guitar and slowly start to walk inside the audience moving towards the stage….

The previous day, everything seemed to go as usual. I started my day by working on my laptop and enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Some hours later, I drove to the Art Music School Fakanas beginning my private guitar lessons and at the end of the day I was directed to school’s studio for a group lesson. The lesson had started when the door suddenly opened and my good friend and TKG photographer Liberis Dekavallas, who also was general coordinator there, got in. He said loudly “Guys excuse me, but I have to take your teacher outside for a while”.

I walked out the studio, he closed the door and said “Man, it’s official, you’re gonna Jam with Vai tommorow! After finishing your lesson, go to the office downstairs for more details. You rock!”

I got back in the studio continuing my lesson and I didn’t tell anything to anybody.

When I finished, I went back to my class, staying alone for a couple of minutes. I knew that I was one of the suggested guitarists, but until that time, I hadn’t any official confirmation, so, I had believed that the jam was not gonna happen. “But now this is real, it is gonna happen!” I thought. It was an amazing feeling! A crazy dream would going to be fulfilled!

So, the next day, I stood up, grabbed my guitar and as I was walking through the audience, someone said loudly “Lucky men!” For a second, I realised that I was not only living one of my dreams, but also the dream of many other guitarists. After a while, I found myself, behind a curtain that separates the stage from the backstage area. The curtain opens, I jumped on the stage and in front of me was Steve Vai himself with his guitar ready to fire. At this point, I stoped thinking and I surrendered to what I enjoy most in music, improvisation. No thoughts, just music! Minutes later, Steve Vai’s words and handshake would be my greatest reward from that night!

I used to be absorbed working hard on my art, becoming better and better, since the night I decided to learn how to play the guitar (that years earlier, if you remember the story). At the same time, I don’t know why, but my dreams look like to be from that kind of dreams, that need hard work, self motivation and small steps to be fulfilled. Not in purpose I believe, I used to – and still keep to – have a tiny bucket list, with actually not things that I like to do, but with things that I would like to live together with beloved persons. From the other hand, jamming with Vai was from that kind of crazy dreams that you can’t make any plans on how to achieve them. Maybe it was a crazy dream that I haven’t given shape yet, maybe I had believed that it was so crazy and I didn’t dare to added it in my bucket list or maybe I just was thinking that it could be added later.

In any case, after that jam, I realised that we usually keep adding and adding to our bucket list through the years. Things are changed, our dreams are changed and one sad thing is that most of the times people leave this world trying to fulfil their dreams and never live the most important dream, the dream of living this life. Also, I thought once again that balance is the key. All I have to do is, from one hand, to make and plan how to fulfil some of my long term dreams, but from the other, to just keep my head down, working hard on my art, enjoying every little step of the procedure and my everyday life. Crazy dreams will come. And sure they did. 4 months later, one more crazy dream would be checked off before even been added in my bucket list but I’ll keep that story for another post… Just keep in touch!

By the way, you can see what happened on stage at the video below. Don’t forget to subscribe! Beautiful videos are coming, don’t miss them!!!

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