TKG New Album “Mozart in Color” is OUT!!!

TKG band photoRobin4Arts is happy to announce the new full length album of TKG,  titled “Mozart in Color”, that is going to be released worldwide on September 20th, 2018.

“Mozart in Color” is a crossover album from classical to  electro-rock sound, a TKG tribute to the great composer, creating new compositions from fragments of Mozart’s popular melodies.

TKG is a brother trio consisted from Theodore, Loukas and Nick Kalantzakos. In this album, the 6th at the row, TKG has covered a spectrum of musical style, from electro-rock to ethnic and ambient, having at their music pallete among others, fretless, electric and synth guitars, along with a cretan lyra and a cello.

Theodore commented: “We have composed Mozart in Color, in the same way we would make a new rainbow using the colors of a prism.

Mozart is undoubtedly a musical genius who has moved and influenced countless artists.

We are not an exception. Firstly as listeners and then as composers, we found ourselves on the other side of his talent’s prism, to meet this wonderful rainbow that Mozart reserves to anyone who gets deeper into his work.

We have used this rainbow, as an invaluable treasure, as a palette to re-mix the colors into a new music painting.

TKG will present for the first time their new compositions at the ancient theater of Herodes Atticus Odeon, in Athens Greece, opening for the Classic Rock 2, on September 21rst and 22nd 2018.

Track List

  1. Intro
  2. Green (based on Symphony No. 40)
  3. Orange (based on Serenade No.13 for strings)
  4. Pink (based on Piano Concerto No. 21)
  5. Turquoise (based on Piano Sonata No. 11)
  6. Blue (based on Piano Concerto No. 20)
  7. Yellow (based on Piano Sonata No. 8)
  8. Red (based on Symphony No. 25)
  9. Outro

Total duration: 61 minutes.


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