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  • Would you like to build the foundations for an original style of playing?!
  • To eliminate all these “blind spots” and “dark areas” on the fingerboard?!
  • To learn the scales, every professional contemporary guitarist knows?!

Then, this is the right course for you!

We’re going to cover all the scales are hidden behind the playing of every guitar hero! The minor pentatonic, the major pentatonic, the blues scales and all the major, harmonic minor and melodic minor modes. This is a total of 22 videos, coming with fingerboard diagrams, scores and tabs.

At the end of this course, you will be able to play all the must known scales every contemporary guitarists needs to know. No matter what style you like to play, fingerboard knowledge is a very important
skill for every dedicated guitarist.

This course works as library too. You’re going to have access to high quality videos, fingerboard diagrams,
scores and tabs in one place and you’ll be able to come back to them whenever you need to expand your knowledge, compose a new song or spice up your improvisation.

If you are a guitar teacher, The Ultimate Guitar Scales Library is a great tool for your lessons. You will have organised everything you need for your fingerboard knowledge lessons.

I was struggling for several years with “blind spots” and “dark areas” on the fingerboard, limiting my music and creative expression. I’ve designed this course for the contemporary guitarist who wants to achieve the total creative freedom through the guitar and wants to create his or her own voice of playing but at the same time, struggles with the same “blind spots” and “dark areas” I used to.

Allright, send me to the course now!!!

Each video has 3 different video angles. One showing both hands and the general body posture and two
showing each hand individually and the according fingerboard diagram.

Each scale is divided into 5 positions, referring as boxes. Each box diagram has clearly indication of the root position, as well as the interval that occurs between each note and the root.

In each video I’ve placed a secret tool too. A table with the harmonization of each mode. With that, you’ll be able to know what chords are belong to each particular mode helping you to compose your own backing tracks or compositions. Keep in mind that improving your theory knowledge is always a huge advantage for all musicians not only the guitarists.


Let’s take a look at the contents below and see what we are going to cover:

  • The Pentatonic and Blues Scales
  1. Minor Pentatonic, Major Pentatonic & the Blues Scales (VIDEO & PDF)
  • The Modes of the C Major Scale in 5 Boxes and 7 Shapes
  1. Major Scale (Ionian) (VIDEO & PDF)
  2. Dorian (VIDEO & PDF)
  3. Phrygian (VIDEO & PDF)
  4. Lydian (VIDEO & PDF)
  5. Mixolydian (VIDEO & PDF)
  6. Natural Minor (Aeolian) (VIDEO & PDF)
  7. Locrian (VIDEO & PDF)
  • The Modes of the A Harmonic Minor Scale  in 5 Boxes and 7 Shapes
  1. Harmonic Minor (VIDEO & PDF)
  2. Locrian natural 6 (VIDEO & PDF)
  3. Ionian #5 (VIDEO & PDF)
  4. Dorian #4 (VIDEO & PDF)
  5. Mixolydian b9 b13 (Phrygian Dominant) (VIDEO & PDF)
  6. Lydian #2 (VIDEO & PDF)
  7. Altered bb7 (VIDEO & PDF)
  • The Modes of the A Melodic Minor Scale in 5 Boxes and 7 Shapes
  1. Melodic Minor (VIDEO & PDF)
  2. Dorian 2 (VIDEO & PDF)
  3. Lydian #5 (VIDEO & PDF)
  4. Lydian b7 (VIDEO & PDF)
  5. Mixolydian b13 (VIDEO & PDF)
  6. Aeolian b5 (VIDEO & PDF)
  7. Altered (VIDEO & PDF)

Totally: 22 VIDEOS and 48 PDFs (fingerboard diagrams, scores & tabs)

This is probably all you need to be a fingerboard master!

Don’t be late! Enroll now and move to the next level!

Just send me to the course now!!!

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Have fun!




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