The Change of the Nous

TKG (Theodore Kalantzakos Group) — The Change of the Nous
Release date : May. 04, 2016
Label : Rare Emotions

“The Change of the Nous” is a concept album of the 3 brothers band TKG balanced mostly between the progressive rock and the electro/dubstep idioms.

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Rise From The Ground

TKG (Theodore Kalantzakos Group) — Rise From The Ground
Release date : Mar. 04, 2015
Label : Indie

“Our desires are the gravity in our dreams. They look like ropes which hold a hot air balloon. Humans are born with their feet on earth and their hearts facing the sky. We wish we could fly, like planes over the storms of life...” “Cut your will and rise from the ground…”

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Parallels – TKG (feat. Irene Ketikidi)

TKG (feat. Irene Ketikidi) — Parallels
Release date : Dec. 27, 2013

“Parallels” is a contemporary rock/metal composition with progressive elements powered with tasteful fretless guitar solos and very melodic and emotional improvisations.

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Pattern Partner [LP]

TKG — Pattern Partner [LP]
Release date : Sep. 22, 2012

Pattern Partner is the full-length album, following of the homonym EP, from the metal-fusion band TKG. It sounds like the power of Liquid Tension Experiment, the odd rhythms of Planet X and the harmonies of Allan Holdsworth Band combined together.

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